These were BIME PRO 2019’s main speakers.

Jean-Michel Jarre

Electronic Music Composer & Cultural Ambassador





Linda Perry

Linda Perry Management

Eduardo Cabra

Artist & Music Producer

Donita Sparks


Rafa Sardina

Fishbone Productions, Inc.

Georgia Taglietti

Advanced Music / Sonar Festival

Jordi Évole

Producciones del Barrio

John Acquaviva

Plus Eight Equity Partners

Featured news

High-level practical training program led by the best professionals in each field at a national and international level, who touched on the following topics:

Big Data to make music more profitable. Curated by Drop.Show”, by Francisco Pozo

Intro to Music Supervision. Curated by Yembe!”, by Omar Tenani

“Psychology for the music industry: balance and growth. Curated by M.I. Therapy”, by Rosana Corbacho

Artists internationalization”, by Claudia Pereira & Ulises Sanher

“UFI presents: Are my legal affairs in order? Legal check for stamps and offices”, by Manuel Ángel López

“Hitmaking. Curated by SAE Institute”, by Sergio George

“TikTok stage”, por Soraya Castellano

“Mentoring. Curated by Keychange &”, by Georgia Taglietti

One more year and adapting to current times, BIME PRO held the second edition of the meeting of Latin American music fairs AMCS. A symposium that took place virtually and that brought together representatives of twelve fairs from different Latin and Iberian countries.

Present congresses:

Westway Lab (Guimaraes, Portugal)
MMVV (Vic, España)
BOMM (Bogotá, Colombia)
FIMPRO (Guadalajara, México)
LAMC (Nueva York, Estados Unidos)
IMESUR (Santiago, Chile)
BOMM (Bogotá, Colombia)
BIME PRO (Bilbao, España)
Circulart (Medellín, Colombia)
Pulsar (Santiago, Chile)
Fluvial (Valdivia, Chile)
BAFIM (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
SIM (Sao Paulo, Brasil)

Presentation of the fifth edition of the Navarrese Christmas festival Santas Pascuas, by the director of the festival, Javier Muruzabal; the artistic director of the same, Albaro Arizaleta; the managing director of NICDO, Javier Lacunza; and Zetak leader Peio Reparaz. Moderated by Fernando Garayoa.

Presentation of the Atlantikaldia, Bay of Biscay and Jazz Vitoria Festival festivals, moderated by the Musika Bulegoa association.


The managers of the large venues and venues met again at BIME TECH to talk about the POST COVID challenges: security, capacity, certifications, as well as the sustainable development objectives that events and festivals seek. In addition to presenting an extensive program spread over two days, the supplier forum had a booth area where different exhibitors were able to show their products and innovations.

Main conferences, panels & keynotes

A journey through the musical voyage of C. Tangana with the artist himself, as well as his entire team, analyzing the key elements of the project from a creative, organizational and business perspective.

Electronic music pioneer, Jean-Michel Jarre was one of the first electronic musicians, finding international fame in 1977 with his smash number one album, “Oxygène”. The record has sold more than 18 million copies worldwide and Jarre has gone on to sell over 80 million albums in total. He is a true innovator in the live performance space, bringing his music to mass audiences and playing extremely exclusive & unique shows. He was the first Western musician invited to perform in post-Mao China, he has played at the Great Pyramids of Egypt, at the Sahara Desert in Morocco or at The Dead Sea in Israel, among many others. In June 2013, Jarre was elected President of CISAC (the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers). He held this position until May 2020, when he was awarded the CISAC Honorary Presidency.

Music is one of the most powerful and diverse sensory, motor, cognitive and emotional experiences that exist, and it has the power to change stories with the same subtlety that it has to move us and change our state of mind. , montage and script, changes radically with its musicalization, so much so that it is capable of making any narrative much bigger and more impressive, or of destroying it and dwarfing it with a wrong choice or a misinterpretation of what it wants to convey to the viewer.

In collaboration with Yembe! and Connect FICTION.

The cultural industry is one of the protagonists of the current crisis. The silver lining is its social contribution during one of the most globally complicated times in recent years. The downside, the journey through the wilderness for artists, professionals and companies, especially those most connected to live arts. How have public administrations approached this situation? And above all, how will they face the immediate future? Several public officials with responsibilities in culture will discuss plans, budgets and ideas for music and culture in 2021.

Since her 2016 debut album, TINI has become a global phenomenon, with a social following of 24 million, and 3 billion combined audio and video streams. TINI toured Europe and Latin America on her headline “Quiero Volver” tour in 2019/2020, including 9 sold-out Luna Park shows in Buenos Aires. TINI’s most recent releases include “Recuerdo” (99 million combined streams), platinum-certified “Oye” (301 million combined streams), double-platinum-certified “Fresa” (379 million streams), and Platinum-certified “22” (365 million combined streams.) TINI has had numerous collaborations with fellow a-list artists including Sebastian Yatra, Karol G, Morat, Greeicy, Cali y El Dandee, Mau & Ricky, Alesso, Jonas Blue, Alvaro Soler, Ovy on the Drums, Nacho and The Vamps. TINI will be a co-judge on the upcoming season of THE VOICE(La Voz) in Spain along with Alejandro Sanz.

“At TikTok a Fleetwood Mac song is back on the charts 33 years after its release.” There is no doubt that TikTok, is not only the new big platform for generating content, it is also generating new opportunities for business, as well as artistic ones for artists and labels. How can artists make the most of this platform? What is the benefit and the value chain? How can they capitalize on the use of their work to create content? Some of these questions will be taken by Alberto Lopez (TIK TOK) and Jordi Tello (Sony Music Entertainment Spain).

3 world-class speakers in starting and investing in startups will debate the best ways to make the most of the global trends emerging in the creation of products that grow exponentially, with a global perspective, including the risks of the process as well as the advantages and opportunities that venture capital has in these emerging spaces that are oftentimes not well known and which appear to emerge as future global trends.

Music journalism is advancing hand in hand with music. It is covering new genres, styles, and tones, contextualizing them, telling their stories, and sometimes even becoming a part of it. Urban music has not been an exception. While it has grown and developed in the space of digital platforms, specialized outlets in the genre have adopted different formats such as websites, podcasts, and even online television. Is the world wide web the last stronghold of music journalism? Now that record labels and artists engage their fans directly, has music journalism lost its position of influence in the digital world? What are the formats currently available? What will the future bring? Urban music and its ecosystem will provide the answers to these questions.

In collaboration with PAM.

Kigo reviews the keys of the paradigm shift in Spain from his experience, with the help of C. Tangana, Sticky M.A., Chico Blanco and Flaca.

Record companies have become global music companies, evolving, and adapting to the times. From the transformation generated by the emergence of the Internet to recent matters such as COVID-19 and its consequences.


BIME PRO Campus is the intensive course for students and alumni, aimed at audiences that have in common concerns around the cultural and creative industries, specially the music sector as a whole: booking, management, production, publishing, legal, marketing, new technologies…This year, 32 students chosen through a challenge were we invited them to imagine their festival of the future, enjoyed a 3-extra days of intensive training programme at BIME PRO Campus+. Also, in 2019, 5 practical workshops were part of the programme and imparted by professionals in different fields.




Startup Competition

For yet another year, the international BIME PRO Startup Competition seeks to select and support the most innovative project with the most future directly or indirectly related to music, rewarding the winning startup with a Trade Mission to South Summit.

Award-winning startup

Music Hood

Music Hood, a platform for artists, made by artists. A virtual world for music streaming that offers a 3.0 experience of a party or concert.

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In 2015, the singer Pau Donés, from ‘Jarabe de Palo’, was diagnosed with cancer with which he lived for 5 years. Twenty days before he died, he called his friend Jordi Évole from the hospital, and said: «I have very few days to live and I want to spend them at my home in the Aran Valley. I would like you to come up, we could have a talk, record it and do whatever you want with it ». “What you give me” is the result of that talk.

The co-director, Jordi Évole, presented this emotional documentary and after its broadcast, a dialogue and debate session was held on the film.


BIME brought to the center of the capital of Biscay the most select of emerging national talent in a reduced format compared to previous years due to capacity restrictions. However, the showcase cycle knew how to adapt to the current situation and offered live concerts via streaming through its platform, along with a series of recordings by Latin American and European artists and bands during the 4 days of the event.

Full line-up

Aftermovie BIME CITY 2020