These were the most outstanding speakers at BIME PRO 2021.



Mala Rodríguez


Shirley Manson

Singer & Songwritter

Fabio Acosta

Vibras Lab

Li Saumet

Bomba Estéreo

Gay Mercader

Rosa Lagarrigue


Simón Mejía

Bomba Estéreo

Natasha Gregory

Mother Artists

Jon Ollier

One Fiinix Live

Ralph Simon

Mobilium Global

Albina Cabrera


Iván Alarcón

Vibras Lab

Diego Manrique

Music Journalist

Alex Bruford

ATC Live

Featured news

The Spanish Association of Music Publishers (AEDEM) organized this year the First Congress of Music Publishing under the title “Changes and New Challenges of Music Publishing in the Context of Digitalization”. A space for reflection and coexistence to learn about new discourses that have not had a place in previous meetings. The Congress served to reflect on the current role of the music publisher, to define its function in the audiovisual media and to encourage dialogue between the different actors in the value chain, among other issues that were discussed.

In 2021 BIME PRO created a space where to bring together the main national and international initiatives that fight for an equal opportunities industry with the aim of expanding the impact of these and continue working for a common goal. MUSIC EQUALITY FORUM became the first joint project of associations such as MIM, Keychange,, Ruidosa, We Are Equals, Femnøise and MUSAP. A series of panels, workshops and other special activities.

For the first time, the music and television fiction industries joined forces in a common project to promote the best talents from both worlds. In this way, BIME PRO together with Conecta FICTION presented “Pitch Music Series”. With the aim of recognizing the importance of music in fiction series, at a time when both industries are more closely linked than ever, we launched an international call with the aim of rewarding those projects that stand out for their original use of music from the earliest stages of development.

An Editorial Committee composed of music and television professionals selected 6 series projects to be presented at the Conecta FICTION fair in Navarra. After a first pitch session, the Committee selected 3 projects that went on to the final at the heart of BIME PRO in Bilbao.

WINNING PROJECT: “Chapa Discos” by Eduardo Torallas and Manuel Gancedo.

In this 2021, Premios Fest returned with enthusiasm but above all, with gratitude and infinite pride for our sector. For this reason, a special edition recognized and valued the work of the associations responsible for representing the companies and professionals who work for the development and success of the Music Festivals held in Spain and who have fought to the end to give support and show infinite respect for the profession they represent. On an honorary basis, Premios Fest gathered and recognized the top representatives of the festival industry in Spain in an awards ceremony during the ninth edition of BIME PRO.

For more than two years, Carlos Galán, CEO of SUBTERFUGE RECORDS, has sat in front of the microphones relevant personalities of the music industry here and in LATAM. From company presidents, to promoters, managers, editors or music journalists, creating a kind of sound encyclopedia essential to understand the last 50 years of the music business, its evolution and transformation, digging from the root. To celebrate the 100th issue, a special program was organized with three real totems: Rosa Lagarrigue, Gay Mercader and Diego A. Manrique.

Faro, the alliance of Ibero-American musical and cultural media, was born in September 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, to become a regional reference. By joining forces, creating synergies and establishing agreements, it aims to promote the dissemination and visibility of creation and creators in the region. BIME PRO discussed the objectives, activities and projects of Faro, the first of its kind, currently made up of ten media from nine countries: Indie Hoy (Argentina), Indierocks! (Mexico), Magazine AM:PM (Cuba), Mondo Sonoro (Spain), Piiila (Uruguay), POTQ (Chile), Rock Achorao’ (Peru), Scream & Yell (Brazil), Shock (Colombia) and Zona de Obras (Spain).

During the Navarra Live Music! cocktail, the XIV edition of the MIN Awards was announced and presented. Following the example of 2021, which had Burgos as the center of operations, next year the Navarra Arena in Pamplona will be the venue. The Independent Music event will be held on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 in a space that will allow the gala to be held with a capacity for 3,000 attendees.

Main conferences, panels & keynotes

M3 Music is an independent Colombian agency that has positioned itself as one of the most successful and sustainable in the industry, marking achievements such as exposing the talent behind Bomba Estéreo. Its co-founder and CEO—Camila Saravia—and Director of Management and New Business—Daniel Zawadzki—talk with José Fajardo, a journalist from Madrid who has been a correspondent in Colombia for the newspaper El Mundo and is part of Gladys Palmera’s team.

Speakers: Li Saumet, Simón Mejía, Camila Saravia, Daniel Zawadzki, José Fajardo

The mastermind behind J Balvin’s success, milestones and brand, Fabio Acosta talks to one of the most recognized voices in Colombian pop radio—Alejandro Marín. Alejandro is the creator of the most listened to and watched interview podcast about artists, the industry and music trends in the country best known for its coffee. He’s also the autoher of the book Historia secreta de la música (literally translated as: The secret history of music), published by Planeta.

Speakers: Fabio Acosta, Alejandro Marín

Raphael began his impressive career representing Spain in the Eurovision song contest, and later toured the world performing his greatest hits. His stellar career includes important recognitions such as his 335 Gold Records and 50 Platinum Records. His hits accumulate millions of sales and streamings because, if there as ever been an artist who constantly renews his audience, it’s Raphael. From grandparents to grandchildren and classics to rockers, everyone has been moved by Raphael’s majestic voice. His legacy is a national treasure and has been fundamental for the development of the careers of younger artists who have followed in the wake of his enormous success and talent.

Speakers: Raphael, Leyre Guerrero

There are countless national and regional music management agencies in the industry. Each has their own objectives and methods, but they all share a common goal: to help artists and music professionals succeed both within and outside of their respective regions. Argentina’s INAMU, Chilemúsica, the Ministry of Culture in Colombia, and the Instituto Cubano de la Música (English: Cuban Institute of Music) are four strong examples of agencies working to develop artistic talent and the music industry. In this talk, we will learn first-hand about their methods, objectives, and visions for the future. We’ll also discuss how artists and professionals can leverage their resources to take their projects to the next level.

Speakers: Arkaitz Villar, Francisca Sandoval, Diego Boris Macciocco, Indira Fajardo, Leydi Higidio.

Designing the team & infrastructure to make real a creative idea for a tour. From the beginning, sketching the creative ideas, key players during the process, presentation to the Artist and Management, different organisation chart on a tour team. Budgeting and hiring the right people. Modular design for different scenarios on a Tour.

Speakers: Agustin Boffi

Recognized around the world for her unique style, stage intensity and powerful lyrics, Mala Rodríguez has established herself as one of the most respected artists in the hip-hop world. Her repertoire has become a benchmark of the genre not only in Spain, but also in the United States, Puerto Rico and throughout Latin America. She is the first and only woman to win the Latin Grammy for “Best Album” and “Best Song” in urban music.

Speakers: Mala Rodríguez, Julio Leiva.

There has been a growing concern to bring visibility to and reduce the gender gap in the music industry for some years now. Collectives, groups, and international cooperation projects converge in an ecosystem articulated by the central axis of promoting and encouraging a greater representation of women both on the stage and behind the scenes in all types of roles within the industry. In this session, and for the first time, we will bring together representatives of five national and international organizations active in the fight for equality. They will share their experiences and analyze the challenges of collaboration. And from BIME PRO, we will raise ideas and new perspectives for a collaborative future.

Speakers: Natalia San Juan, Ludovic Assémat, Carmen Zapata, Mia Ternström, Camila González.

Shirley Manson is best known as the lead singer and songwriter of the critically acclaimed alternative rock band Garbage. Collectively the band has sold over 17 million records, proven themselves as one of the world’s best live acts and remain one of alt rock’s most influential bands to emerge out of the 90’s. Shirley has been cited as an influence by many of today’s biggest pop stars including but not limited to Adele, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Florence Welch, Rina Sawayama and Olivia Rodrigo.

Speakers: Shirley Manson, Johann Wald

The music industry, particularly the recorded, has had to adapt to the digital revolution and change its business model. While many companies disappeared, others emerged in line with this new paradigm, changing the balance and relationships between its participants, and reaching high volumes of users through technological developments never seen before in the creative industries. The music sector has been able to adapt to these changes, revealing itself as the perfect way to attract attention, while the technology companies are making themselves known to investors who have both contributed to the current developments and identified new opportunities.

Speakers: Turo Pekari, John Acquaviva, Gonzalo Pérez

Speakers: Santi Sanus, Adriana García-Abril, Camila Peters, Álvaro Ybañez, Char-Lee Mito.

A growing number of young musicians are incorporating traditional sounds in their art with a renewed and current language. From flamenco to Galician folklore, freely and without inferiority complexes. Is this a new paradigm or just a trend? Have we finally learned to stop feeling ashamed of ourselves and can value our tradition? Is this cultural acceptance, mere capitalism, or globalization? Have Rosalía and C. Tangana opened the way that so many have followed since? What would Camarón say of all of this? And now that national symbols are so soiled by politics, what would the Spain that upholds its flag say to male jota dancers wearing garters?

Speakers: Tomás Crespo, Alan Queipo, Estefanía Serrano, Marta Salicrú, Queralt Lahoz.

Today, there are new platforms, new formats, and new ways of entertaining and being entertained. Many people have not been able to adapt to these changes, but the reality is that communication and entertainment are constantly evolving. The rise of streaming, mainly on platforms such as Twitch, or the growth in the creation of and listening to podcasts serve as some examples. In this round table we will listen to people who manage to communicate and connect with audiences daily, each in their respective areas with a unique style and code. Are these formats and platforms here to stay or will new ones replace them? What role do audiences play in content? What role does traditional television take on in this change? These and other questions will be addressed in the panel.

Speakers: Toni Mostazo, Andrea Gumes, Melo Moreno, Klauss Stronk.

The music industry is advancing at a dizzying pace. We analyse the most disruptive models and tools of the moment.

Speakers: Luis Castilla, Álvaro Bourkaib, Jose Torrabadella ,Eva Fernández.


BIME CAMPUS is the intensive course aimed at audiences that have in common concerns that revolve around the cultural industries, especially the music sector in all its aspects: artistic, management, production, hiring, publishing, legal, marketing, new technologies, etc… This year, 24 students selected through a challenge, enjoyed two extra days of theoretical and practical training, as part of the Campus+ Scholarship programme.



Startup Competition

In the 8th edition of the BIME PRO Startup Competition, we once again awarded and promoted the best startups in the music industry. In this edition, as a novelty, in addition to the general prize consisting of a Trade Mission to BIME Bogota 2022 and South Summit Madrid, we also added the Larrosa Music Group prize, consisting of two personalized mentoring sessions with Cristian Larrosa, CEO of the company.

Likewise, the 8 finalist startups, prior to their final pitch, had an individual mentoring program with different industry professionals.

Award-winning startup


The purpose of Odisei Music is to bring music to all corners of the world by helping musicians develop their skills in a faster and easier way.



A platform that helps live music professionals reduce uncertainty and predict the success of concerts.

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Music, parties, crisis, drugs, travel, talent, sex, growth and ferocity. Mala Rodríguez, the undisputed queen of rap in Spanish, has moved between these extremes since she discovered flamenco and hip hop resonating in the streets of Seville. Her leap from there to the world would be fast and intense: Madrid, Europe, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the United States, no place could resist an artist who always knew she was going to do whatever she wanted.

Mala writes in her memoirs the path that took her from the barrio to the Olympus of rap in Spanish, taking with her all the prejudices of a world where before her there were only men. A hectic journey that seems like an adventure novel, from clandestine studios to receiving the National Prize of Current Music, from sneaking into trains to driving sports cars. A path that still has the best part left.


For two days, the most promising emerging talents from Europe and Latin America took over the stages of 7 of the most iconic venues in the city with more than 40 free concerts to cross borders and make the town’s audience vibrate. The perfect showcase for BIME PRO professionals, as well as a tasty appetizer for the Bilbao public a few days before BIME LIVE.

Full line-up


  • “Coming to BIME PRO is incredible, because these types of festivals are what make the music industry grow”. 

    Li Saumet

    Bomba Estéreo

  • “I always like to be surrounded by people who understand music, and here, it’s understood.”. 



  • “At BIME we are all equal, there is no hierarchy… The industry is made by all of us: singers, promoters, managers, media… we all make it work”.

    Mala Rodríguez


  • “You have to go to BIME to greet people again, in a professional environment, to establish ties… It is one of those essential dates to keep rolling and continue making alliances”.

    Julián Saldarriaga

    Love of Lesbian