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Taking advantage of our internationalization drive, BIME PRO has established a Network of Latin American Representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. A group of industry professionals: journalists, cultural managers, managers, promoters … who will serve as a bridge between both axes of the Atlantic, promoting new business opportunities for the music sector.

MEXICO (North)
Ulises Sanher
Equal Music Director

Cultural manager; promoter; editor in chief of Music Beyond Music; lecturer at music fairs such as Canadian Music Week, Circulart, FIMPRO, MUPA, BIME, Rio Music Buzz, and FME; University of Valencia music management master class lecturer; and member of the Latin American Association of Music Managers (Territorial Adviser for Mexico 2016-2018)

Otto Ballaben-Araneo
Arepa Music

Creator of UpssShot, programmer and co-founder of Paix Fest, co-founder of the Semillas Naranja Program, CEO of Arepa Music, and creator of CRM Contact Music Industry, Otto has experience as a cultural programmer, lecturer, and buyer/moderator at over 20 music fairs such as Womex, Fimpro, Mica, Fimven, Bomm, Circulart, BIME, and Grammys.  He’s a member of various associations including ADIMI, Grammys, and MMF LATAM.

Pepita García
Cernícalo Producciones

Pepita is the founder of Cernícalo Producciones, association for the promotion of popular, traditional, and ethnic music of Peru and the world.  She was also the creator and director of the Siete Mares Festival (2012-2014) which aimed to position Peruvian artists and disseminate contemporary music acts.  She is a member of the ADIMI and Association of Latin American Music Managers cultural networks.

Claudia Pereira
Claudia Pereira Production

Artistic developer, manager, booker and international curator. She is the founder of the FUEGO Agency, dedicated to the development of artists through international circulation, as well as music industry projects, generating alliances and networks between Europe, Canada and Latin America. She is the international director of MUSAP, an organization that makes Chilean music visible, in addition to being the curator of the CHEC Music Industry Pavilion, a meeting organized by the Creative Economy Secretariat of the Chilean Ministry of Arts and Heritage.

Lalo Rojas

Lalo Rojas is the founder of Caballeros. Based in Mexico City, Caballeros is a platform dedicated to the comprehensive development of projects focused on music. This development is divided into four branches: management, booking, press, sale of merch and promoter of shows.

Eduardo Sempé
Rock y Reggae Producciones

Promotor y Manager argentino, emprendedor, gestor cultural, creador y productor de diferentes proyectos musicales, como ciclos, giras, fiestas (Fiestas Clandestinas, D-Lirante, Magica, Mojito Fest) y Festivales (B.A. Rock, Zona Rock, Buenos Aires Roots entre otros). Cofundador y Ex Presidente de la Asociación Latinoamericana de Managers Musicales, Directivo ACMMA. Director de Rock y Reggae Producciones (Administración de venues, Agencia de Management, Sello discográfico, Promotora de conciertos y giras) y actualmente desarrollando el proyecto Pica Pica, agencia de Booking internacional enfocada en Iberoamérica.

Felipe França Gonzalez
Difusa Fronteira

Director and founder of Difusa Fronteira – Núcleo de Integración Cultural Brasil América Latina, which since 2006 carries out the circulation of music projects, theater, dance, workshops and urban interventions of Latin artistic groups on Brazilian soil and of Brazilian groups in other countries of America Latin. Manager of bands like Francisco el Hombre, Felipe is in charge of booking the band Beleia, director of the Festival Mucho! and curator of the Fest Contrapedal (both in São Paulo). He is also a partner in the production company Arueira Expresiones Brasileñas.