Music industry's advanced training programme

BIME CAMPUS is the cycle of intensive theoretical and practical training given over three days by great professionals in the sector aimed at anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of the music industry and create connections with other entrepreneurs and professionals on both sides of the Atlantic.

BIME CAMPUS is organized in collaboration with Lanbide and Department of Labour and Employment – Basque Government



09:15-9:30 | Presentation

09:30-10:30 | The importance of support networks for community building

We will talk about how to create a project with the aim of creating a community or a space, what are the points to take into account when it comes to make it grow, how to be consistent with our speech and principles, how to always work for the reason why we started when new challenges arise, all with my experience in the world of music and independent clubbing and my projects CHICA and BAM BAM as a common thread.

With ROCIO TORRES (ES) – CHICA – Founder

10:40-11:40 | CSR & Creativity for festivals

In this masterclass we will talk about how to work a corporate social responsibility program from scratch. Successful cases, strategic and creative cases of success, strategic and creative vision, and key concepts to have a positive social and environmental impact.

With ANDREA LAMOUNT (ES)- BRUNCH-IN / SOUND EARTH LEGACY – Directora de RSC & Relaciones Institucionales de Brunch -In

11:50-12:50 | New platforms for artist promotion

In this masterclass we will learn the keys to create formats that are a reference for the Z generation and at the same time serve as a promotional tool for artists. The curatorship of these formats has become a key factor to understand why they are so successful among young people and to find the key to give a prescriptive character to a format.

Wiht GENIS PENA (ES)- GALLERY- Project Manager

13:00-14:00 | Learn how to make a marketing plan in RRSS, Occupying Business Manager of Facebook & Youtube ADS.

In this masterclass you will learn how to set up an account in Business Manager and Google ADS, and then understand how to execute campaigns according to the objectives of a music release, mainly focused on Expectation (Pre-save), Traffic to the main platforms (Spotify, Website, Youtube etc), and content reproduction on Youtube and Instagram.


15:30-16:15 | Optimization of music metadata for web 2.0 and web 3.0

Metadata ensures that songs are ready for distribution and release. If your metadata is not in order, the music is simply not ready to share… The information you enter as metadata allows the music to be stored, classified and identified correctly wherever the music is available. In this presentation we will learn the steps to follow for an optimization of the metadata essential for web 2.0 and web 3.0.



10:40-11:40 | Youth Culture...Do we really understand it?

Nailing the new consumption habits of young people. Catering to their needs with engaging content and developing memorable experiences for them.


11:50-12:50 | WEB 3.0: "Will the revolution be tokenized?

As creators around the world release a new track on Spotify, launch new content on Patreon or collaborate with influential figures on TikTok to reach new audiences, a not exactly silent revolution is unfolding in the depths of the Internet. The WEB 3.0 paradigm has the potential to change everything at its core: communities.
This presentation will explain and put into context this “new Internet” we are facing, without losing the critical spirit and focusing on the most important issues.

With FRANKIE PIZA (ES) – GUZZU – Chief Creative Officer y Co-Fundador and ARNAU SABATÉ (ES) – GUZZU – CEO & Co-Founder

13:00-14:00 | Communication/art and emotions: tyrannies of capital and ruts.

Aware of overproduction, [self-]exploitation, precariousness and the emotional discomfort to which the above
emotional discomfort (added to an addiction to social networks, to ourselves, etc.), journalists/creators/artists are still
ourselves, etc.), we journalists/creators/artists continue to be unable to break away from work dynamics that instead of being work dynamics that, instead of enhancing our creative freedom, curtail or eliminate it.
To go to such an event in case I get a job, to release a single on Fridays, to share this article article that has been published now, even though I don’t have the self-esteem for the possible cyberbullying, doing tasks without breathing to perform hyper-productive… where is the care of ourselves? where is the care of ourselves? and of what we produce? and what are we producing? at what rhythms? of what otherness? of what otherness are we producing? of what otherness are we producing? of what otherness are we producing? of what otherness are we producing? rhythms? what otherness are we talking about? what bonds-individualities are we constructing? are we building? An introspective and outward reflection, centered on journalism and communication but also encompassing artistic work. but also includes artistic work. A journey with theoretical references and concrete cases that seeks to stop for a moment to anchor a moment to stop and anchor our gaze beyond the normative-capitalist wheel.



Guide students throughout a complex, dynamic and innovative industry that is constantly reinventing and therefore, it’s full of possibilities.

Create an environment to help youngster to start writing a future in music.

Offer a theoretical & practical knowledge basis to start a professional career in the music sector and to consolidate a previous trajectory with the best international experts.

Establish alternative routes in the music industry that facilitate and multiply artistic and professional flows between Latin America and Europe.

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Universitat de Valencia, posgrado en gestión empresarial de la música
UIC Barcelona
Master en industria musical y estudios sonoros