Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy high-level practical training from the best professionals in the national and international music industry.


09:30 AM11:10 AM

Latin American Managers and Circuits - Meeting with the MMF LATAM

MMF LATAM is the first non-profit Civil Association, founded in 2014, which brings together managers and music agents in Latin America. It operates as an international professional network, whose main objective is to represent the collective interests of music managers and agents and their artists in Latin America. It is composed of members from more than 15 Latin American countries. It is part of the IMMF (International Music Management Forum).

11:20 AM12:35 PM

Licensing of music and original music for audiovisual content

Sponsored by Codiscos and CCD

14:00 PM15:30 PM

Cucusonic: A hands-on workshop exploring how to turn the sampled sounds of the Colombian rainforest into music

The workshop will begin with a presentation by each group on their approach to using samples and sounds to make music, followed by a question and answer session. Participants will then undertake a practical task in which they will work in groups to identify sounds and discuss how they might collectively rework them.

15:40 PM16:40 PM

Partnership in the Colombian independent sector | WITH INVITATION

Sponsored by WIN


09:30 AM10:45 AM

Getting to Wow!

¿Cómo crear una propuesta de valor que deslumbre a los inversionistas si solo tienes unos segundos para comunicar la esencia de su empresa?, ¿Cuál es el mensaje más importante que debe entregar?

11:00 AM12:15 PM

Blockchain through NFTs

NFTs! What are they? What do they mean? A look at the technical basics of non-fungible tokens and the Ethereum network, with an overview of the process used to create your own.

14:00 PM15:15 PM

Pack your bags! Music export models in Ibero-America

The ways of approaching the internationalisation of music are as varied as the countries that make up Ibero-America. This is an opportunity to learn about the national, regional or plurinational models that exist in the region from the people in charge. A space for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices for reaching international markets.

15:30 PM16:45 PM

Sound Identity Workshop

At MassiveMusic we have spent several months implementing and integrating Sonic Branding processes translated into Spanish and Latin American markets.


9:30 AM10:45 AM

Strategic and Digital Marketing Plans for Music Projects

In today’s digital environment and especially in this post pandemic stage, viewing music projects with a business eye is of vital importance to achieve successful results. In this workshop, we give a quick tour of how music projects can establish a strategic plan for their releases and complement it with a complete digital marketing plan that allows them to take advantage of the tools provided by technology and the different players in today’s industry.

11:00 AM12:15 PM

Music marketing in real life: A counter-intuitive approach

In this stimulating reorientation, veteran music marketing expert Lawrence Lui lays out some basic principles for what we do as marketers and promoters, offering a fresh and surprising perspective on what stands out in a world infused with “shiny new toys” and dizzying technological change.

14:00 PM15:15 PM

The tools every artist needs to grow, connect and monetise their audience on Amazon Music

An overview of Amazon Music and specifically the Amazon Music for Artists app. Browse statistics, trends and always have the latest data on your music and your audience at your fingertips. Realise the full potential of Alexa and voice functionality. Learn how to keep your project’s image up to date. Pitch new music with the Pitch tool and other features.