Meet the experts

Speedmeetings are short organized meetings where professionals will only have a few minutes to show their job to renowned professionals, aiming at getting help to expand their business or get into new markets.

Registering process

1- Register on our Online Platform, logging in with the details we send you after purchasing your ticket.

2- Access to the “Speedmeetings” menu

3- Browse through our sessions and register to the ones you are interested in.

20th October: is the deadline to send meeting requests. The hosts will be able to review all requests and accept those they deem convenient.

Accepting the meetings

On 3 May we will generate a “meeting calendar”. You will be able to see the time of each accepted meeting in your profile on the Online Platform, in the Speedmeetings section.

Where will the meetings take place?

This year, all Speedmeetings sessions will be held in person at Zula’s Speedmeetings space. Make sure you are available 15 minutes before each meeting as the duration of the meetings is only 7 minutes.